About Us

Fenris Technologies was started in 2004 by Lester Lee and Patrick Smith. The 'Wonder Duo' of computers, as their parents refer to them, we've been working on or with computers since a very young age indeed.


Fenris Technologies began when a number of individuals and small collectives began approaching them to build simple, editable and functional websites to represent themselves on the internet. Though neither are 'professionally' trained in computer sciences, both have built an extensive repritoire of computer skills and savvy. Today, they are community recognized for their computer programming and design skills, and are looking to the future of bigger and brighter projects with Canadian individiuals and companies.




  • Lester is one half of the creative duo. Operating on the internet under the handle "Ravynn", he has been using the internet since the age of 10 (and still remembers the days of building geocities and fortunecity pages.)
  • Since those wondrous early days, Lester has learned the ins-and outs of photoshop, web creation and writing at a length. Much of the art you find on his webpages is personally created using a combination of techniques and brushes, as well as photography and composition training.
  • Now a classically trained theatre artist, Lester is a freelance technician stage manager, playwright, and director, all of which continues to fuel his learning about new technology and implementations.



  • Pat is the ying to Lester's Yang (and if you meet them in real life you will agree.) The technologist behind the scenes of Fenris Technologies, Pat is a very skilled network specialist. He also dabbles in Flash design and using back-end programs for streamlining Lester's creations.
  • A self-trained computer hardware experimentationalist who has built his own computers a number of times, Pat is often called by friends and family to service, de-virus and repair both hardware and software.
  • Pat is a conservatory trained theatre technician whose skills in programming also extend into the areas of Computer Aided Drafting and luminary programming.